The Podcasts I'm Listening To - Early '16 Edition

I love podcasts. I love the accessibility, the technology, the intimacy, the community and the content. The first podcast that I really got hooked on was the Hamish & Andy daily show, which I would listen to on the bus to and from school everyday. Fast forward 8 years and i'm still listening to a few hours of podcasts every day.

These are the podcasts that i'm currently subscribed to in Overcast. I try to balance my podcasts, and media in general, with voices that sound like mine, and don't sound like mine, are saying things I agree with, and things I don't. At the moment around two thirds of the podcasts I listen to feature white American dudes, so over the next year i'd love to start to balance this out with more women, and people from different cultural backgrounds.

My stretch goal for 2016 is to actually start contributing to the world of podcasting. I've got a few ideas, and a few friends interested, but nothing concrete yet. Watch this space.

Jack Alexander