What I've Noticed about my MacBook since Returning the iPad Pro

It gets really hot when I sit on the couch and try to catch up on some writing. It also has crappy battery life compared to the Pro. Two and a half hours of working off battery power saw it completely depleted. I'm again carrying a wall adapter everywhere I go, charging the blasted thing whenever I get the chance. I really liked being able to get a full days work done without having to worry about carrying a power adapter.

However, I do like that I can again do pretty much whatever I want, wherever I am. While I was using the iPad I did a lot more reading, a lot more drawing, and an awful lot more web browsing, simply because it's what it does best. On the other hand, i've been able to get heaps of music production work done in the last week with my Mac. I've really got my hopes up for an iPad Air 3 in the next few months that has Apple Pencil support to tide me over until I can use an iPad Pro as my main portable computer.

While the iPad Pro is definitely a more focused writing tool, I like the faster cursor manipulatoin that comes with having a mouse or trackpad. I often have both hands on the keyboard, with my thumb resting on the trackpad to move the cursor. I've been doing this for years, and have become really comfortable with it. I found the two-finger psuedo trackpad on the software keyboard of the iPad Pro neat, but obviously useless when using a hardware keyboard. I envision most people who are serious about doing a lot of typing on the Pro using an external keyboard, so this leaves them a bit stuck.

I've really missed native Picture-in-Picture support, and have taken to forcing VLC windows to stay on top of all others to try to simulate it. This doesn't work brilliantly though, due to VLC's ugly UI chrome. I wish it looked a bit more like Quicktime.

These are just a few quick thoughts, i'm sure there will be more little tidbits to come. I think it really is interestesting how much better Apple's "mobile" devices have become at tasks that people do while sitting at desks and working all day.

Jack Alexander