My 2016 Mac Wishlist

I use a Mac for 5-6 hours every day to study, work, and play. While I love the Mac lineup a lot, it's not perfect. Here are some things i'd love to see in 2016.

Better MacBook Pros

In 2016 I'd really like to see Apple really push it's MacBook Pro lineup. After playing with Dell's newly XPS lineup, and I'd love to see Apple adopt some of the approaches they've taken. In short, I'd like to see the 13" & 15" Pros get lighter, smaller, faster, and more efficient.

A More Capable MacBook

While I haven't had much time to play with the 12" MacBook (I intend on fixing this soon), the main things holding me back from considering one full time are the limited battery life, the reportedly poor performance, and the single port. I think it's a particularly stellar glimpse of where laptops are heading, and in 5 years, once Apple's 12" compact laptop is as fast as today's 15" quad core MacBook Pro, it will be the perfect laptop for most people. I'd also love to see a 14" version of the MacBook, with two USB-C ports and a slightly faster CPU.

The Same, Great, Retina iMacs

I'm not sure if I will end up getting a 27" iMac once I finish studying at the end of 2016, or keep my current MacBook and just get an external display, but either way the current iMacs are incredible. I'm confident that with time they'll get better and greater, but they're already plenty capable for what I need.


I don't think OS X's design needs a radical rethink . I'm sure it's underworks in the depths of Apple, but it doesn't feel especially tired to me yet. Maybe we'll see a drastic rethink of desktop computers when Apple starts to do something with VR. That would make much more sense to me than disrupting a loyal user base that stretches back to the early years of Mac OS X, and even classic Mac. Jason Snell has a great post making the case for Apple rebranding OS X to 'Mac OS', which I think is a great move. On that note, I'd love for Apple to also drop the 'i' precursor from the iMac. I just want to be able to buy an Apple Mac, running Mac OS. But hey, we can all dream, right?

Jack Alexander