My 2016 iPad Wishlist

Apple made a lot of big, bold moves last year with its iPad lineup. Here are some of the things I'd like to see in 2016.

Apple Pencil Integration Brought to Smaller iPads
One of my favorite things about using the iPad Pro was the Apple Pencil. If Apple brought support to the next iterations of smaller iPads, it would make the Mini and Air very compelling options to me again.

More Color Options for Cases & Covers
I would love to see the same breadth of options that we see in the iPhone & Apple Watch ranges extended to the iPads. It was really disappointing to see the iPad Pro debut with only grey and dark grey options for its covers.

32 GB the New Starting Capacity For All iPads
When trying the iPad Pro, I opted for the 32 GB model instead of the 128 GB, completely expecting to fill it quickly and have to upgrade. However, I found that 32 GB was more than enough space, provided I didn't want to store lots of video content on the device. Considering most people stream video these days, i'd say that 32 GB is an adequate amount for iPads that are mainly going to be used while connected to WiFi networks. I don't feel like the same can be said for 16 GB devices though. After OS and formatting, it leaves users with only around 12 GB free. I'd really like to see Apple make this the new standard across the board, especially considering the starting prices of these products.

More Tools Available to iOS App Developers
It can definitely be tricky to find an app that does exactly what you need on iOS. For the first few weeks of playing with the iPad Pro I was looking for an app that would fulfill a pretty specific purpose. I just wanted to write static HTML and CSS, store the files in Dropbox, and see a split screen view of code on the left, and a live preview on the right. That's it. But I ended up getting really frustrated at some really good apps that just didn't do exactly what I wanted. I also ended up wasting about $40. Trial periods will solve all of this. App developers will get fewer negative reviews from people the app simply wasn't aimed at, and users will be able to experiment with different apps. Who knows, giving developers more confidence to build high quality, specific purpose apps might even help them find an audience of users who value their products.

A Bigger iPad Pro
Ok, I don't think this one will happen next year, but I can always dream, right? The iPad Pro is great, and it definitely feels big compared to an iPad Air 2, or monstrous when compared to an iPad Mini, but compare it to an iMac and it feels tiny. I really liked drawing on my iPad Pro, and found it a good fit for doing design work at a desk. My only comment would be that it definitely felt cramped. Day to day, I mainly do design work in Sketch on a 15" MacBook Pro, I find anything less than that just too small to be productive. I wish I could lay a 27" iMac flat on a desk, and draw straight on its display. It's taken 5 years for Apple to push past the 9.7" bar it set with the original iPad, lets hope we don't have to hold our breath that long again to go bigger again.

Jack Alexander