Immortal After All

I just finished reading Frank Chimero's post "Oh Chloe", about his friend Chloe Weil who passed away earlier this week. I didn't know Chloe, I didn't know of her, or of her work. Upon finishing Mr. Chimero's post though, I was eager to learn more about her. 

My first stop was Google, expecting to have to skip through pages of news pages and bloggers reporting her passing. What I saw though was much more shocking, and surreal.

All I saw for the whole first page were links to her work, her twitter account and her dribbble page.  

If I hadn't of been informed otherwise by Mr. Chimero's blog post, I would of still believed Ms. Weil to be alive, healthy and productive. 

Most people wonder what happens when we die. What happens to our bodies? Our Spirits? Our souls? But I'm more interested in the fourth option. What happens to my work? What legacy am I leaving? Are my efforts going to live on past me? Or will they perish just as surely as my body will decompose.

Realise that anything you publish, you're committing to a medium, a format that may outlive you. Make it worth lasting. Make it worth keeping. Make it worth seeking. 

Chloe may have passed away, but her work lives on, inspiring people and encouraging them to keep pushing the game forward. 

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Jack Alexander