Inspiration Wholesale

On April 29th, 2014, the artist known as 'Propaganda' released his second album, 'Crimson Cord'. One song on that album changed everything for me. It was one of those rare moments when an artist manages to capture exactly how you're feeling, articulate it better than you can, and then present it in a bite sized, palatable mp3. That song was 'Bored of Education'.

When I started year 11 at high school, one of the compulsory classes was called 'Personal Learning Plan'. 

It was a flawed attempt at getting 16 years olds to think about what they want to do with their lives. It involved doing tests and exercises to try and ascertain what type of career or further study we would be well suited to. It was all terribly uninspiring. Most of the teachers couldn't of cared less about us and our futures, as long as we made the minimum passing grade so that they didn't have to report to the head of the department.

I would of given up on school there and then if it wasn't for three key people. Three teachers who decided that what could be taught in a classroom, wasn't the limit of what you could impart on a student during their formative years. My design teacher, my music teacher, and my information technology teacher. Thank you for being awesome. 

I wasn't a great student. I was moody, selfish, demanding, poorly planned, and left things to the last minute. Regardless of my attitude to school, all three of these teachers managed to teach me different sides of what success looks like. I'm so grateful to them for this. They pushed me out of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to do things differently. I didn't always succeed, often getting distracted during assignments. For example, I remember spending five weeks out of a six week MySQL database assignment focusing on styling the front end, and only leaving myself a few days to complete the code behind it. But they were patient with me, and I got hooked. They gave me a glimpse of success. They inspired me to succeed. 

I don't think it's a coincidence at all that i'm currently studying a Media Design degree, and getting ready to release my first EP of original music. I wonder how different my life would look without the influence of those three people.

“There’s not a Scranton on the planet that can measure inspiration
This is what our teachers pass on that matters”

— Propaganda

Jack Alexander