Make it Happen

Everyday people have great ideas. Ideas about their hobbies, their jobs, their careers, or their lives. But how often do we actually do we see those ideas happen?

It's one thing to come up with an idea, but it's a completely different thing to make it happen. Put the rubber to the road, and start taking steps towards your idea becoming a reality. Here are some things i've learnt from people much smarter than me on starting something new.

  1. There is no perfect time to start something.
    I've been trying to write this post for the last week, but it just never seems to be the right circumstances. Guess what. It never will be. There will never be a perfect time to launch your idea. There will always be something that will come against you. Whether that be finances, relationships or lack of resources, just to name a few. Stop trying to find the perfect moment to do something, and spend that time actually doing it.

  2. You will make lots of mistakes.
    Don't let the fear of doing something badly discourage you from actually doing it, that's half the fun! Mistakes are just an opportunity to learn how to not make more mistakes.

  3. It will be hard.
    If thinking outside of the box and breaking down preconceived notions were an easy thing, everyone would do it. It's going against the grain, swimming against the tide, pushing back against crowd. You have to put your back into it in order to get some traction.

  4. You will be scared.
    If you're not scared at any point in the process of starting something new, then you won't be operating at your full capacity. Take note of the things you're afraid of, They're the walls of the box you're living inside of. By deciding to start something new you're deciding to step outside of that box. Those walls need to broken down. Take note of your fears, and put yourself in a position where you need to face them. Don't like public speaking? MC an open mic night. Don't like singing? Go busk somewhere. Don't like asking clients for money? Do some freelance design work, and actually ask for payment.

  5. It will be the greatest thing you ever do
    Don't stress about it, whatever 'it' is. If you're thinking about it while you go about your day, doing tasks and going about errands, chances are you love it. Otherwise why would you be thinking about it in your spare time! Try to bring structure to it, without losing the fun of it. Be like an athlete who trains full time, but still really enjoys playing the sport. Train hard, love the game.

Step out, brace yourself, and actually make it happen.

Jack Alexander