Link: Mike Made Me

I am trying to design a lightbulb as part of an icon set. Mike decides they’re too detailed, so he makes me draw a dozen lightbulbs are increasingly tiny sizes on the whiteboard.

These are still too detailed, so he makes me do it all over again with my left hand, until I’m drawing formless tiny blobs and dashes everywhere, like little voodoo amoebas.

These are deemed acceptable.

'Mike Made Me' is one of my favourite new blogs. It's written by one of the designers at Mule Design, working under Mike Monteiro. (I searched for a few minutes to find who writes it, but came up empty handed). The name of the blog initially reads as 'Mike made me do this thing'. But after following Mike pretty intently for the last few years, I read it instead as 'Mike made me the designer I am'. It makes me think about who is 'making me'. Who am I following? Who am I learning from? Who am I trying to emulate?

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Jack Alexander