First Impressions of the New Apple TV

I got to have a play with one of the new Apple TV's today, here's what I thought!

The remote is incredible

I think the weight of the remote is great, and I was really pleased with the clickiness of the buttons. I wasn't very accurate with the trackpad's swiping gestures at first, but i'm sure I would get much faster and more accurate over time. Much less impressive is the AUD $129 you'll have to pony up if you lose that little sucker.

Parallax icons are incredible

The icons look like three dimensional tiles with weight and depth. The way they respond to your finger rolling over the trackpad reminded me of how I first felt playing with rubber banding on lists in iOS Lists are boring, just like selecting from a grid of icons, but Apple has made them both surprising and delightful.

Gaming might be ok

I'm really happy that so many iOS game developers have made the effort to support the TV straight out of the gate, dicky remote and all. I was hoping that I could try out Big Bucket's Space Age today when I visited the Apple Store, but they had no apps installed on the demo units. Weird.

Siri is good, but not yet great

I only tried Siri in my local Apple Store for a few minutes, but it seemed to pick up most of what I was saying. Holding the siri button and saying "Show me James Bond movies starring Pierce Brosnan" predictably showed me a list of the worst Bond movies made to date. I just wish I could use it to dictate text in search fields. App Store searches are pretty temperamental using the on screen keyboard.

Will I be getting one?

Nope. I rely on my phone's data connection for internet based activities most of the time, so I don't think i'll be picking up one of the new Apple TV's for myself.

Jack Alexander