Adobe's custom typography tool for iOS teased at MAX 2015

Can't find the perfect font for your project? Then just create it! "Project Faces" is a whole new way to think about tweaking, adapting, and creating fonts that perfectly reflect your message. This technology preview isn't in the Creative Cloud yet...but making your own font face in minutes may be reality sooner than later.

Functionality like 'Project Faces', teased by Adobe at their MAX 2015 conference, is what's going to set content creation on mobile devices apart from their desktop counterparts. While all of this functionality is possible through traditional tools, it's nowhere near as simple as a series of sliders. At the moment Adobe is doing a great job of continuing to push their traditional products foward, while focusing a lot of attention on it's mobile applications. If I get a job that requires using any of the Creative Cloud suite, I often forget the mobile apps even exist. As a side note though, it's rare that I ever leave Sketch these days. On the other hand, i've also worked on a few small projects with students only a few years younger than me who are putting out some pretty impressive work, and while only using tablets. I think it's going to be fascinating to see how the industry adapts to this shift.

Watch the demonstration here. It really is quite impressive!