Success: The New Normal: Why We'll All Be Freelancers One Day

Another cause for the shift to flexible and freelance work is due to businesses needing flexibility and skills for short-term projects. Many organizations realize it’s more cost-effective to hire on an as-needed basis—and seek out specialized skills—instead of retaining a full-time employee. People know this, so more are wading into freelance waters, even if that means moonlighting on the side of a traditional job.

Justin Smith, founder of studio 'End of Work', spoke about taking similar approach to hiring staff recently on the 22nd epsode of the Australian Design Radio podcast. Well worth a listen.

As somebody who's working towards starting their own creative agency one day, this approach definitely makes more sense than having a large, permanent team. The whole point of a smaller organisation is that you can pivot and change direction quickly, and having a permanent staff goes directly against this. With so many creative professionals preferring to work as freelancers now, it makes sense to build an agency around this concept.

Jack Alexander