9to5Mac: Guitar Hero Live lands on iOS with a new mobile instrument bundle

Trevor Daugherty for 9to5Mac:

The iOS version is available for free to download, but only includes two songs. If you’re after the full catalog, you’ll have to purchase the full game or grab the new iOS bundle that includes a guitar controller.

This type of game totally makes sense for the Apple TV. The game that you install is essentially a just a template, all of the music content gets filled in dynamically on demand, depending on what the user wants. And to boot, it looks like the game is actually fun as well, Griffin McElroy over at Polygon gave it a 9/10.

One question that does come to mind though, is how useful the game will be without it's accompanying USD $99 wireless guitar controller. I hope Freestyle Games, developer of Guitar Hero Live, is spending time on making the game not just playable, but fun with the Apple TV 2 remote. The game introduces a new game mode called GHTV. It's essentially a non-stop, always on, 90's MTV-esque interactive TV channel that you can play along to. I can totally see myself coming home at the end of a long day at university, turning on the TV and tuning into GHTV, and playing along to the songs I like with the Apple TV remote. It's this kind of pick up and play gaming that I can see Apple really owning with the new Apple TV.

Jack Alexander