10 Days Without the Apple Watch - Day Five

My first wearable device was a Misft Shine. A bunch of people I worked with at the time had them, so I picked up a few for me and my family when it was on special. It was only a matter of time that Apple brought a watch like device, so I wanted to get used to wearing something that wasn't a watch. The Misfit had a lot of problems, but one thing it did well pretty early on was encouraging social interaction around activity.

I played sport a few times a week while I was growing up. It was ok, but I never really enjoyed it. It wasn't until I got the Shine activity tracker that I found a sport I could really get into: spite walking. Spite walking is just like regular walking, only more spiteful. If the clock hit 11 PM and I wasn't on top of the leaderboard for the day, i'd lace up my sneakers and do some laps around the neighbourhood. For some reason, Apple has absolutely no social features built into their activity app.

I like my iPhone a lot. I've got a silver iPhone 6, and while it's more demanding of me than a dumb phone, I feel that I am more demanding of it than I would be of a dumb phone, so we're even. By carrying my iPhone, I am not required to carry a camera, an iPod, a laptop (some of the time), a games console (kind of), a voice recorder, a notepad or a diary. I don't feel like the Apple Watch provides me with enough benefits to balance out the scales. It feels more demanding of me than the value I get from it justifies. Charging it every night is a pain. My iPhone gets out of that pain point, and only just (i'm really considering moving up to a Plus, just to alleviate this). The software is a bit buggy, and the hardware a bit slow. Not a great combination. Since upgrading to Watch OS 2 this has gotten worse, but maybe this will be fixed with software patches.

I don't feel like the Watch has hit it's full stride yet, I think the platform has a lot more potential. I'd love to see the Watch replace a few more dedicated devices, the same way it's removed my desire to wear a dedicated fitness tracker, though this may be a few more hardware revisions away. The first iPhone didn't replace the compact camera, it took time. I'd love to be able to use my Watch to pay my bus fare, instead of having to carry a card for it. I'd love Apple Pay to be supported in Australia so that, for the most part, I can leave my wallet at home!

It's not all down to the Watch though. There are definitely a few things I could do to make the Watch more valuable to me. As a freelancer, and a student, it's important for me to keep a track of my time. It's easy to get caught up spending hours on tasks that should take minutes, and it's not a problem i've tried solving with software yet. A Watch glance would be perfect for this, and it's something I really need to look into.

I'm at the 5 day mark, and i'm starting to miss my Apple Watch.

Jack Alexander