Polygon: I Don't Care if Star Wars Battlefront is Good

Ben Kuchera for Polygon:

It feels like playing with the classic toys in my back yard, especially since the often trench-like designs of the content in the beta make it feel like a toy war you may have designed in a sandbox with shovels and a bit of water. The game feels like the battles and stories I would tell myself with my toys as a child, except what used to only take place in my mind's eye is now shown in beautiful detail on the TV in my game room.

I spent a silly amount of time playing the first Battlefront game on my Dad's 20" iMac G5. Dry, Australian summer days were spent in shorts, still damp from midday swims, with a towel around my shoulders, defending the universe from the evil advances of the Galactic Empire. When I saw the first footage from Battlefront 3, I thought maybe this would be the Star Wars game fans have been hoping for.

Ben Kuchera's thoughts on the Battlefront Beta are exactly what I was hoping to hear, and are also the main reason why i've sold my Xbox One and have no intentions on playing the game anytime soon. Star Wars holds a special place in my heart, and it's not every day that you get to experience something like Battlefront 3. I'll probably hold off until early-mid next year until I have the time to enjoy the game properly. If only one of the pre-order bonuses was an extra day in the week.

I'm very thankful to the team at EA for putting together such an incredible tribute to my favourite film franchise. Read the full piece on Polygon here.

Jack Alexander