Paying for the Smell of Bread - via Childish Gambino

"The music is one part of what i'm trying to do... and I think the people get that. If people really want it, they'll figure out a way to get it, it's travelling. That's only one part. Trying to make the music 'the thing' instead of advertisement for the thing just seems silly to me. It's like a bakery trying to sell the smell of their bread and being like "oh you smelt it, please give us the money for smelling that bread". It's like, dude, it's out. It's out here. Everybody has it. It's advertisement for your t-shirt, whatever, or your show. So yeah. I don't get it when people say not to put the album out. We've just been playing it, we've been playing it for people."

This hits the nail on the head for me. Gambino doesn't try to sell you some tracks, he sells you a story. I think it heralds a shift in the way creative individuals operate. We're going to hear less people saying "i'm a musician", or "i'm a designer" or a "filmmaker". It's all different sides of the same coin. Honestly, if someone has a story to tell, or a point to make, how is making them squeeze into one specific medium supposed to facilitate them making that dream a reality?

Jack Alexander